How to tell that a woman likes you.

Women and men want the same thing when it comes to love. However good or bad you think you look, there will always be someone out there that will like you regardless of all your flaws. Even the most beautiful girls out their are single.
This article is about women’s signals because some of them will never tell you if they like you or not until you ask them out, She will call you ‘big head’ and other rare names even when she likes you. Men are afraid of being rejected nowadays cause the ladies show light signals even when they meant red.

Ladies please stop showing a man green lights and all the signals when you know you don’t like them, It’s hard on men to directly message you first especially with matters of the heart.
Knowing whether or not someone likes you can be very difficult. If you’re afraid to ask them then here are some of the ways on how you can tell.

  1. They flirt with you. This is the most common way to tell if a woman likes you or not, most women will never flirt with someone they don’t like. If you start flirting with her and she gives you a cold shoulder every single time then thats a red light, however if she likes you then she will flirt back.
  2. They improve on their appearance around you. Women tend to put in extra efforts in their looks so they can look so appealing and attractive to that one person they like. She will have a nice perfume on and try to be smart for you. Women never try so hard to look good for you if they don’t like you. I’m sure you have witnessed some of your lady friends change outfits when you tell them that a particular guy is coming.
  3. She smiles so often around you. This is so natural, there is a way you feel so happy when around someone you like. She will smile and laugh at every funny joke you make. Our bodies are so natural in away that they react whenever the brain feels so happy making you smile. That’s why its hard to tell that someone likes you through texts but easier to tell when face to face.
  4. She talks about you among her friends. Most ladies tell their friends about the man they like. Infact the bestfriend will know alot about you before you even meet her. If you’re still in the talking stage and notice that all her friends seem to know you before you even introduce yourself then just know she likes you and talks to her friends about it.

5. She will casually touch you. Women tend to feel so free and open hearted around the people they like. You might notice that if u are just chilling with friends or just the two of you it’s just natural that she can’t keep hands to herself, she will want to hold hands with you, gently stroke your hair, shoulders, thighs and some never even notice that they are doing it.

6. Her eye contact and facial expression. Most of you have failed to know that someone likes you because all you do is text them from one month to another without meeting them. Meeting someone face to face makes it 100% easier because of facial expressions. If she likes you then she will smile, blush and even bite her lip. Which other signs do you need other than those? Trust me no lady will blush and bite her lip at some random guy that she doesn’t like. So quit texting her and go see her face to face, bring all your A game to the table and watch her signs. Most women will never tell you straight that they like you but their body language will say it all.
7. Her interaction with other men. She will tend to be very friendly around guys just to capture your attention, she will often check up on you just to see how your reacting. At times she will defend you whenever the other guys try to challenge you or say something bad. Some ladies will do the opposite though, if you find her around guys then she will try to pull herself away just to show you that she has no mutual interest with any of them and doesn’t want you to pick the wrong signals.

  1. She will try to be funny around you. I don’t know why this happens but most people try to do or say some random statements around the guys they like. If you find her with her friends then you might hear her friends asking why she’s keeping quiet or acting shy, others will even do some random things to get your attention like laughing or telling funny stories.
  2. She will be interested in your personal life. Women like to know more about the men they like. If she just wants you to be a friend then her jazz will be so formal and if she likes you then her jazz and questions will have an agenda leading to something, you will find her asking about your love and sex life among others. If she’s bold then she might even ask you if you have a girlfriend or wife. Most women don’t ask men that they don’t like personal questions.
  3. She will get nervous around you. Women often get nervous around the people they like, this is usually at the start. she will start doing some stress reducing behaviors like touching her face, stroking her hair or even avoiding eye contact.
  1. She will respond to your texts immediately. Women tend to reply to messages from the man they like so fast, she will not want the conversation to come to an end. Though this can’t be much of a sign since she might just be responding because she’s bored.
  2. She stares at you alot. Women tend to over stare at the man they like. You will notice her checking you out all the time. she will keep staring at you until it comes to your mind that maybe she likes you and wants you to come talk to her. This is common at restaurants, bars and other crowded places.
  3. Stalking you on social media. Most women are born detectives, even when she just knows one name, she will still find your twitter, Instagram and facebook account if she likes you. She will want to know you’re daily routine, friends and hangouts, there is no better way to get to know someone more than social media.

In conclusion, women often send signals to the men they like, so if you see her showing most of these signs then take action. If you’re not interested then just ignore her or let her know that you know how she feels and you ain’t at the same place but if you like her to then go talk to her about it.

Please don’t just see one or two accidental actions as signals, most of these signs go on for more days even months. Ladies, its also okay to tell him that you like him. Some men are so terrible at reading signals, you will show him the green lights from monday to sunday and he won’t notice. Some ladies have lost good men simply because they didn’t let them know how they felt and hence ran out of time and no one wants to live the life of ‘I wish’. Always go for it, let people you love know you love them.

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2 thoughts on “How to tell that a woman likes you.

  1. I once saw all those signals in one… But when I finally got hold of my balls and expressed how i really felt about her…. She kicked me in the nuts…


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