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I love you for so many reasons
You are the moon that shimmers
Throughout my nights
If not for you, I’d never have the pleasures of romance.
I’d miss the bliss, the craziness,
Silly laughters of your enchanting love
You make my body sizzle with your kisses

O, my king.
Your touch, your scent, your smile, your voice
Uhhhh! Can’t get enough of you
Love is very cruel
Cause it makes me act like a fool
Buh i love this feeling
Wouldnt trade it for anything

O,my king
I never gave up on dreaming,
I persisted because I just knew;
A wait for real love is worth it,
Now you’re here, and my dreams have come true
So beware of the power you exert over me,
For I’m under your spell
Together we are fire on fire

O, my king
My brain is out of order
My thoughts about you have filled it to the brim
With you is where i belong
In your arms is where i find comfort.
Hey! You dropped something
It’s your crown, “here, my king”.

Te quiero

By: Anita. A

Published by justashleynita

I'm an introvert who prefers communicating to people through writing. I spend most of my free time watching. I'm a fun person though.

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