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A girlfriend’s desire.

I don’t care if we need to approach a new chapter of our life together slowly so that you feel more comfortable. I’ll make you forget your past and that any person that did you wrong will see how much she lost and regret the day it happened. I don’t care if you have scarsContinue reading “A girlfriend’s desire.”

I miss you.

I’m the book that you decided not to finishBut i wrote it anywayNow i have an ending that you’ll never know.I remember when i thought everything lasts foreverUntil you leftThis pain stayed even though you didn’t That song we both loved,became the one I couldn’t listen to anymoreYou said you’d never leave,But where are youContinue reading “I miss you.”


I love you for so many reasonsYou are the moon that shimmersThroughout my nightsIf not for you, I’d never have the pleasures of romance.I’d miss the bliss, the craziness,Silly laughters of your enchanting loveYou make my body sizzle with your kisses O, my king.Your touch, your scent, your smile, your voiceUhhhh! Can’t get enough ofContinue reading “O, MY KING!”