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The best natural remedy for a glowing face.

Your face is the first thing people see, so it only makes sense that you’d want to take good care of it. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay natural aging and prevent various skin problems. This remedy is for the people with dry skins, acne problems and black spots. You can also doContinue reading “The best natural remedy for a glowing face.”


I’m drowning in my own emotionsstruggling to be a better personCovered with my own blind ambitionsStruggling to succeedIt’s getting harder but i won’t lose hopeIt’s getting lonely but i’ll stay strongI’m lonely but not aloneI can’t lose track now I knew it was going to be hardBut i still dared to try anywayLife can’t shutterContinue reading “GIVING UP IS THE BIRTH OF REGRET.”

Single life vs Relationship life.

We all deserve to be loved but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a toxic relationship. ‘Single’ doesn’t mean lonely and ‘relationship’ doesn’t mean happy. If you ain’t appreciated, trusted, loved enough and cared for then please leave. It’s not a must that you have to be in a relationship. If you’re patientContinue reading “Single life vs Relationship life.”

How to tell that a woman likes you.

Women and men want the same thing when it comes to love. However good or bad you think you look, there will always be someone out there that will like you regardless of all your flaws. Even the most beautiful girls out their are single.This article is about women’s signals because some of them willContinue reading “How to tell that a woman likes you.”

Ways on how to maintain a good and healthy relationship.

Have you ever wondered why promising relationships come to an end. Cheating is the first thing people think of but the real fact is relationships are complicated. Love alone is not enough. Respect is the centre of everything. Most of you haven’t been in relationships that lasted more than 5 years because of different reasons.Continue reading “Ways on how to maintain a good and healthy relationship.”

How to pose for pics like a pro.

Well, taking good quality pics is not only for professional models and photographers. Posing can be one’s nightmare but it doesn’t have to be. With a couple of tips and tricks up your sleeve, you will soon love the posing process. In this article I’ll explain how you can master the art of female poses.Continue reading “How to pose for pics like a pro.”