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A girlfriend’s desire.

I don’t care if we need to approach a new chapter of our life together slowly so that you feel more comfortable. I’ll make you forget your past and that any person that did you wrong will see how much she lost and regret the day it happened. I don’t care if you have scarsContinue reading “A girlfriend’s desire.”

What they din’t tell us about relationships.

I must say dating ain’t as easy as we all expect it to be. Damn! Relationships are pretty much hard to understand. From loving one person to making sure everything works out is really something. Yesss, waking up to morning cuddles and forehead kisses, then wearing matching outfits and creating memories is good but howContinue reading “What they din’t tell us about relationships.”

Single life vs Relationship life.

We all deserve to be loved but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a toxic relationship. ‘Single’ doesn’t mean lonely and ‘relationship’ doesn’t mean happy. If you ain’t appreciated, trusted, loved enough and cared for then please leave. It’s not a must that you have to be in a relationship. If you’re patientContinue reading “Single life vs Relationship life.”

How to know that your partner isnt serious about you.

Are you in a relationship but you’re feeling like you don’t really belong there? Do you feel like you’re being used? Well! You could be. It is very hard to know if you’re being used or not because people nowadays have all the tricks to sweep you off your feet when all they want isContinue reading “How to know that your partner isnt serious about you.”