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What they din’t tell us about relationships.

I must say dating ain’t as easy as we all expect it to be. Damn! Relationships are pretty much hard to understand. From loving one person to making sure everything works out is really something. Yesss, waking up to morning cuddles and forehead kisses, then wearing matching outfits and creating memories is good but how about the arguments, the sleepless nights while crying thinking your partner is cheating on you. People never tell us that story, they never tell us the bad side about dating.

  1. Yes, you’ll cry at times.
  2. You’ll feel insecure
  3. Not all nights will be perfect and romantic
  4. At times they’ll chose their friends or work over you.
  5. Urguments are normal.
  6. You’ll fell over protective or over protected.
  7. Ofcourse you’ll get jealous every other day.

Everyone tells us love is amazing, love is beautiful, love is this and that. Okay sir that’s true now how about you tell me that ill cry at times, how about you tell me ill have to worry and be stressed out because of someone. Even the cutest couples you see out there have problems to. You’ve seen celebrities that have all the money they could need but fail to find love.

I think love is the ability to unconditionally care and protect someone. A willingness to prioritize another’s well-being or happiness above your own. Extreme feelings of attachment, affection, and need. Dramatic, sudden feelings of attraction and respect. A fleeting emotion of care, affection. Your soulmate will not just walk into your life with a tag on his/her head. So it will always be hard to know which is which. You might find that your mums highschool friend is the long awaited soulmate. Haha! Kidding. I haven’t experienced much myself but i must say i don’t know whats better, single or dating life.

I get to learn something new about love everyday. But the most important lesson is don’t compare your love life to that of movies and social media. Yes they are wearing matching outfits while going for a movie night, Awww! Nice, good for them. Now don’t stress someone’s son or daughter about that. Live your own love life, because let’s face it we have all once had a favorite YouTube or Instagram couple that we idolized that broke up or even divorced. Their today’s video might be your couple goals and tomorrow’s video they are talking about how it’s over, how about you carry that same energy. If you still want your peace of mind, you can as well stop the comparison between your love life with that of instagram, youtube and movie couples . Worse still, movie love stories are scripted but you want your boyfriend to act the same. Come on!!

But in the end it all makes sense now. No one told us shit and they were right, let’s all write our stories because however much we try it will always be different with everyone. Embrace the good and let go of the bad for there’s always a lesson in every second that passes by, all those regrets and mistakes are memories made.

Published by justashleynita

I'm an introvert who prefers communicating to people through writing. I spend most of my free time watching. I'm a fun person though.

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