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I miss you.

I’m the book that you decided not to finish
But i wrote it anyway
Now i have an ending that you’ll never know.
I remember when i thought everything lasts forever
Until you left
This pain stayed even though you didn’t

That song we both loved,
became the one I couldn’t listen to anymore
You said you’d never leave,
But where are you now that I need you? .
Are you still doing the same thing?
Convincing yourself you’re ok without me

We drifted apart,
But these feelings are hard to ignore
Even my dreams speak fondly of you
These memories of you don’t feel like home anymore
Am I meant to feel this way?
I still want a little more of you.

You let go of me when i still wanted you to hold on
I’ve never felt like this, I was unprepared,
It was a game for two why am I the loser?
You were my forever, I was your for now
Maybe oneday these words
about you won’t flow quite so easily

Am here wondering,
Do you still remember the taste of my lips
Or even my favorite song
Because there’s magic in misery
It keeps pulling me back
I want to hear you say you miss me.

Published by justashleynita

I'm an introvert who prefers communicating to people through writing. I spend most of my free time watching. I'm a fun person though.

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